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Plump & Co are rekindling the passion of slow craft across the world through our impossibly chunky yarn along with our bespoke and make-your-own wool knits.
Plump & Co evolved by a giant installation piece Jacinta (founder) made at university in 2008 for an exhibition. Unable to find anything else on this sort of scale she began the journey to making her own yarn by hand. After years of spinning her own wool and using this unique technique to create one-of-a-kind pieces, the next stage seemed clear - to enable her dream of a world-wide collective of knitters and creators modernising the art form with luxurious products made by a growing group of new and old wool lovers!



Plump & Co is part of the XXL knitting movement. At Plump & Co we’ve gone back to the basics – the satisfaction that comes from well-made, hand crafted goods – and that’s what we want to share with you. Our aim is to bring the traditional art of knitting to a modern audience in a fun and unique format. Sitting back in your favourite armchair with your yarn and needles is a relaxing, mindful practice and that’s why knitting is the “new yoga”.  

Our giant needles, crochet hooks and over-sized creations have all been made and locally sourced in New Zealand and carefully designed and crafted to bring joy to lovers of all things soft and woolly. We offer a unique range of chunky yarn and tools for creating your own chunky wool projects plus our ready-made range of custom hand-constructed homewares.



Our giant needles, hooks and our oversized creations have all been made in New Zealand and have been carefully designed and crafted to bring joy to all wool lovers. Our wool utilizes special technology to shape the fibres to create a soft, stable, beautiful ethically sourced 'plumptious' yarn to give makers and creators a unique luxury yarn. We have been honoured to work with one of the masters of the industry to develop our yarn range.



We create bespoke pieces to give you options and to make sure you love it as much as we do. We also sell completed items designed and made by one of us or our collaborators around the world.



Community and collaboration are important to us; our customers and friends are a big part of our inspiration. We love to see people getting excited about knitting and we are continually working with our growing community of knitters, crocheters, weavers, artists and designers to bring you unique patterns. 



Our deliciously soft yarns are made from 100% New Zealand wool (majority Merino, some colours have been blended with small amounts of Corriedale to create the perfect colour). Plump & Co yarns are made using special technology that shapes the fibres to create a stable yarn, different from raw wool (roving) which can pill, moult and tear. Knitting with roving is not only messy but results in an unreliable product that won’t last. Our soft, stable, beautiful ethically sourced yarn – what we describe as plumptuous - sets us apart from other companies and provides a stable and functional knitting yarn to work with.

Our yarns come in a calm colour palette that makes them perfect for home décor. Our core colours are natural white, natural grey and midnight but we do small runs of colour by season or request (in larger amounts).



With our range of wool and tools you can create your own luxurious homeware and fashion products with our DIY options. All our tools are made by local New Zealanders right down to sourcing our wood from a local New Zealand owned business. Giant 45mm needles to 28mm needles and 28mm to 35mm Crochet hooks.



We travel all over to bring an amazing unique experience of giant knitting, crocheting to the people through our XXL workshops. These events are not only exciting and experimental but mindful. We encourage and inspire people to give anything a go, whether this is tackling your first ever knitting project to trying a new pattern that you have seen but didn’t think you could do!

We work with people of all different knitting or crocheting abilities. In fact, XXL knitting is great for beginners as you can produce amazing creations using only simple stitches; one or two stitches is really all you need to produce something show-stopping. Unlike working with regular yarn, you’ll also get satisfaction from quick results and you can even knit a lush, oversized throw in a single evening.

Join us on the Plump & Co journey by attending one of our workshops, by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter or connecting with us at hello@plumpandco.com





Jacinta // Founder and Director of Operations.

Jacinta is our passionate founder and the driving force behind Plump & Co. She was challenged by someone who thought her arts degree was a “waste of time” she is now devoted to growing the business and handles ethical strategy, communications, and creative direction. Having grown up on a sheep farm in Canterbury and studying Textile Design at Massey University she’s always loved all things textiles and knitting. Jacinta is a fur mother to a German Shorthaired Pointer and loves spending downtime in her New Zealand native and edible garden and in the Marlborough Sounds.


Talia // Knitter // Pattern Maker.

Talia is a very experienced knitter who spins her own yarns and engages knitters to share their patterns around the world. With more than 15-years under her belt, she is incredibly talented at creating knitting patterns and our signature finished pieces for our customers.  As an experienced knitter, Talia’s passion is teaching others how to knit confidently no matter their skill level. Talia naturally knows how to keep small groups engaged, which she does in our workshops. She is super mum to three kids and loves sustainable living, which include making clothes and growing food in her garden!


Briar // Business Support // Workshop Assistant.

Briar recently joined us to field our ever-growing number of customer enquiries and to help with the administration of our workshops. Briar has a passion for sustainability and community, and is focusing on our recycling programmes and how we can give back to the community. Briar is a fur mother to 3 Dogs and has her PhD in Zoology and loves spending her downtime outdoors and researching and discovering new bugs!


Tiff // Marketing. 

Tiff is the new kid on the block with an eagerness to get involved with all things sustainable and ethical. She’s a crafty lass, who’s driven by anything that gets her creative juices flowing. Whether that’s mixing a pile of paints together, writing a song in the sunshine, or sewing a slouch pouch and then you’ll usually find her taking a photo of it. She is fascinated by creatives processes and loves hearing about what makes other people tick. She’s newly married and is working at building their family soon, not with children but with chickens. She believes thoroughly in sustainable living and enjoys watching her baby peacherine tree sprout a new leaf every day. 


Rhonda // Administration.

We call her Cinderella because she makes all the magic happen! The stylish Rhonda joined the team in 2017, and now we don't know how we managed without her. Rhonda loves her family, long walks, interior design, gardening and cooking. 


Helen // Accounts.

 Helen is our number magician who keeps the team on track. There's no sneaking anything past Helen!


 Amie // Knitter // Pattern Maker.

Amie is a visual artist whose media includes painting, fashion and textiles. Amie loves using Plump & Co yarn to experiment and develop patterns that translate traditional knitting and crochet techniques to a giant scale. Amie is fur mother to 3 dogs that all have Plump & Co blankets of their own.




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