Boys Boys Boys!

By Tiff //

When I say the word "knitting" what springs to mind? For most of you a picture of an elderly woman sitting back in a rocking chair knitting a pair of sweet booties for her great grandchild might appear. Yes I am being extremely stereotypical but my point is quite the opposite. Lets break down those assumptions and realise that times are changing people! 

Woman of all ages are now picking up those needles and realising, hey this is actually pretty awesome, fun and not to mention rather rewarding. But lets go a step further than that - there are men all over the globe who are passionate about knitting and it's about time we gave them 3 cheers for it - yeah I did say that because they do deserve 3 cheers, anyone does who decides to step out of the norm to challenge and inspire others to do the same, in fact everyone just deserves 3 cheers full stop. I know for some men it can be embarrassing talking about their passion for the likes of knitting/slow craft because of social pressures implying it's not manly enough. We here at plump and co are all about getting knitting out there to anyone who wants a bite of it. Slow craft needs to exist, it needs to be passed down the generations otherwise we won't learn how to do things ourselves, grandmothers and mothers start teaching your boys how to knit, don't just let the girls hog all the fun crafts. Knitting for one, and for all we say!

Now if that doesn't convince you enough how about a little bit of Russel Crowe working those needles to get you in the groove?

russel crowe knitting, men who knit plump and co chunky yarn made in nz using giant knitting needles

not enough yet?

Ryan Gosling professing his love for knitting, telling GQ Australia magazine that he learned the craft from “old ladies” when filming his 2007 film “Lars And The Real Girl.” He said that day was one of the most relaxing in his life.

 so it's official, boys who knit are the bomb

xxl chunky plump and co knitting made in nz using giant knitting needles to make xxl blankets wall hangings and bowls

My hubby - trying knitting for the first time ever at our Ponsonby Central Pop up Shop

@marsh_bull working his magic at one of our Workshops!

Hopefully one day soon it won't be such a novelty, and that this post will be completely irrelevant, fingers crossed!


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How To Reuse Your Tails!

By Tiff //

You know the feeling, you've just finished making your chunky and luxurious Plump & Co blanket, this time in the snowy white 2 ply yarn. A few months ago though you came into the same problem when you were making those scarfs for your sister and mum in our Limited Edition Grapefruit 1 ply yarn. So you cast off and realise there's a decent tail of yarn left over, but not enough to make another scarf or beanie, so you throw it in your basket and await your next delivery of yarn you ordered.

Well friends  - I'm here to show you what you can do with those ends to make sure they don't eventually go in the trash when you do your annual spring clean. We are passionate about reusing and recycling here at Plump & Co with the help of our chief enviro queen - Briar, she is always reminding and encouraging all of us to be more aware of how our every day choices can and will affect the environment. Her enthusiasm is so inspiring and together we should do all we can to help look after our planet.

So here are some fun ways you can get a little creative with your odd ends to make sure nothing is wasted!

plump and co chunky wall hanging 1 ply grey and white xxl yarn using giant needles made in nz

Sweet little wall hanging by the @littleloom

plump and co chunky keychain made in new zealand monkey knot

Monkey knot key chains

chunky plump and co yan made in nz using merino wool with giant knitting needles and crochet hooks

Mix and match snake, to make a beautiful piece in a 3D picture frame.

giant chunky plump and co key chain using nz made merino wool

Julia from @studiohome's key chain sitting pretty but we are also inspired by her pompom chain, why not try making little pom poms out of our yarn to have a slightly more chunky but similar effect!

We hope you found a cute way to reuse your tails, or maybe it helped spark another idea that you could do with them, make sure you share your creations with us, send them through to

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Ponsonby Pop Up HIGHLIGHTS!

By Tiff //

We had an absolute blast last week at Ponsonby Central having all of our chunky scrumptious yarns on display for you to come have a play, and get wrapped up in it's divine silky texture. We loved meeting you all and getting excited with you about your upcoming projects!
Here are a few of our highlights from this past week, leave a comment below if you have anywhere else that you'd like us to visit, gotta share that love around ;)

xxl chunkly 2 ply knit blanket in white made with giant needles made in new zealand with merino wool

Chunky Harlequin Blanket / 3 white 2 ply bumps.


xxl chunkly 2 ply knit blanket in midnight made with giant needles made in new zealand with merino wool

Noeline Mavis having a go with our new Baby Cheese 2 ply midnight yarn.


xxl chunkly 1 ply crochet rug in grey made with giant crochet hooks made in new zealand with merino wool

Jacinta helping one of our amazing customers start off her gorgeous new crochet rug, she said she was a beginner but seemed more like a pro! 


xxl chunkly 1 ply crochet rug in grey made with giant crochet hooks made in new zealand with merino wool

Making magic.


plump and co giant yarn at ponsonby pop up store to make giant blankets using wool from new zealand and giant needles and crochet hooks made here in nz

Our current collection sitting pretty.


xxl chunkly 2 ply knit blanket in midnight grey made with giant needles made in new zealand with merino wool

Tiff's mum, Fiona having a go on our chunky yarn for the first time ever - you could say she's hooked! 


giant knitting needles made here in nz

How many needles do you have in your collection? We have quite a few ;)


giant chunky yarn made her in nz using xxl wool to make blankets using giant knitting needles and crochet hooks

Knitting isn't just for the ladies! We love men who knit around here. have a man in your life? Why not grab him some needles and see what he whips up.  

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Interview with The Knitter, Nicole Leybourne.

By Briar //

The knitter in xxl chunky yarn white with pink sleeves jumper
Nicole Leybourne is the incredible lass behind all the wonders of "The Knitter". She's taking the world by soft showers (because I couldn't imagine her being stormy as she's just so amazingly sweet) and I bet the world hasn't seen nothing yet. Her knits are made with 100% criollo bred wool and mohair; sourced from sheep and goats in the Peruvian Andes the East coast of South Africa. The moment you lock your eyes on one of her creations your mind starts buzzing over how much you wish you had one in your hot little hands. Something we love about The Knitter is how genuine and true to herself she is, she compels you to crave that within yourself. She's empathetic, passionate, outstandingly creative, and just an awe-inspiring woman who's helping make the world a better place. In a world where most of our news feeds a filled to the brim of superficial, controversial & negative content - Nicole is a breath of fresh air simply reminding us to stop, smell the flowers, sip your tea slower, and buy more lollies. Now I couldn't be happier about those reminders! 
Speaking of which, grab a tea and a slice (or 2) of date loaf (mmm) and enjoy our interview with the beautiful Nicole Leybourne, The Knitter. 
When did you start knitting?
I started knitting about two and a half years ago now. I bought myself a big yellow jumper and it was knitted. It was this jumper that inspired me to learn how to knit.
What was it about knitting that kept you with those needles in your hand?
Wanting to see what the final product looked like. Which was a disaster, the first time I made something.
Whats your biggest pet peeve miss judgement about knitting?
That it’s good for stress. Ha. I find it makes me more stressed. I understand that’s probably because it’s my job to knit. No, but really, I am very lucky to be knitting for my job.
When you aren’t making and creating where would we find you?
In the bath, outside in the trees, or eating midnight snacks in front of the fire with a cup of tea in my cat cup.
What/where do you turn to for inspiration?
I just need to step inside the room that holds all my colourful wool. Just seeing the colours and feeling the fibres is what inspires me to get out my needles and make.
The Knitter in New York at Vogue showing them her xxl chunky knitted jumpers
You recently visited Vogue and Harpers Bazaar in New York, firstly WOW and secondly tell us what was something about that trip that you’ll remember forever?
I remember my sister and I running around on the streets of Manhattan, trying to find the correct door to enter. We had two suitcases full of knits with us and we both felt so out of place. I remember sweating like anything and then trying to look really composed and put together when I felt anything but inside. But it was the moment I looked up from packing my knits into my suitcase after my meeting, and seeing Anna Wintour step into the elevator, while seeing Grace Coddington step out, that I just had to stop everything I was doing and take that moment in. It was truly unreal.
Aside from knitting what are 3 things you’re passionate about?
Eating sweet treats, love and happy animals.
Who are some other knitters who inspire you?
My nan :)
What’s your favourite creation you’ve made to date?
It’s a tie between my HAPPY HEART’S jumper and the BUBBLEGUM.
the knitters xxl chunky knitting white jumper with red heart
the knitters xxl chunky knitting hot pink jumper
What’s something your Instagram followers wouldn’t know about you?
That I’m actually really introverted and can be quite shy. For this reason, I only let two people take photos of me in my knits for my Instagram.
Are you a sweet or savoury kinda lass? (Asking the big questions I know)
Haha, hmmm. Sweet :)
Where do you see The Knitter being in 5 years?
Hopefully, still wheeling my knits around the world in suitcases to more exciting meetings.
Lastly do you have any advice for beginner knitters?
Persevere. It’s so worth it. Also, be patient with yourself. If I can knit, anyone can (so my lovely mother tells me).

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By Tiff //

plump and co slow down blog take time out by knitting xxl chunky new zealand made yarn

It's like everyone has ants in their pants, we can't stop moving. Its as if though the world's moving faster and faster every time the sun rises again. Now, I know scientifically that is far from true, but culturally? Even though there's a swelling desire to take a breather, stop, look around - all that jazz only seems to be for brief moments. Could it be that we were able to still remain driven, hardworking, innovative but still appreciate and consistently set time aside for yourself, your makings and your well being, without it becoming a chore, or something that's stopping you from getting where you want to be?

When we have a goal in mind we will do ANYTHING to get ourselves there, so in turn we can neglect some of what we truly value. We've all been there, and maybe for a time that's OK. If we live in that state I have a feeling it's not going to work out in the long run. 

Everyone wants to keep up right? Things get old very quickly, and we move onto the next thing. What if we were to change that perception? What if something only ever got old when it didn't work anymore, or it got too worn out. What if the word old actually meant old. I know, sounds absurd right? Actually calling something for what it is? Because our surroundings are moving faster it doesn't mean we have to. You're allowed to still like and wear that same woolen jumper you've had for 6 years now. Wear it till it literally falls apart! 

We get it, there's so much to do and so little time! Again if we were to change our perception and priorities we might find we will have more time to say, make that dining room table you said you were going to refurbish 3 years ago, or paint that moroccan sunset you saw on your trip last summer, and hey why not knit that blanket you said you'd make for your friends birthday in December the year before last. 

This is why we love knitting/crocheting. You can't rush through it, you can't just quickly whip something up in a few minutes. It's a process! We have adapted ourselves to a faster paced lifestyle using chunkier yarn to make your dream blanket in a day rather than a few months, because who doesn't love seeing results quickly. Though it's still the same process, you have to sit down, tune out and hone in on your creation. Maybe you listen to a podcast, music or just the birds outside. Either way it's a chance to have a breather and partake in a slow and fulfilling creative process. 

You might be into having baths to take a break, or climbing a mountain to gain perspective. Whatever makes you tick, it could be going out on a date with yourself to your local coffee shop (or not so local so you don't bump into anyone.) Baking also works a treat! Whatever it is find your way, get stuck into a book or pick up a paint brush, and just relax. Relaxing doesn't mean doing nothing, it's just a great way to reset, reflect, and enjoy yourself. 

Enjoy yourself, enjoy who you are, enjoy the person you're becoming. 

And always remember... plump and co slow down blog take time out by knitting xxl chunky new zealand made yarn

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How do I put tassels on my blanket?

By Tiff //

Give me one reason why tassels aren't just the best. They're like the life of the party! Everybody loves a wee tassel feature. How can you resist it's fun loving charm?

  giant chunky woolen yarn blanket made in new zealand using merino sheep wool with xxl knitting needles with added tassles         giant chunky woolen yarn pink scarf made in new zealand using merino sheep wool with xxl knitting needles with added tassels

This week we are going to show you how to shimmy up your creation 

 giant chunky woolen yarn blanket made in new zealand using merino sheep wool with xxl knitting needles with added tassels         giant chunky woolen yarn blanket made in new zealand using merino sheep wool with xxl knitting needles with added tassels

Follow the link HERE to be taken to your you tube tutorial on how to make tassels!

To achieve tassels we suggest using our 2 ply yarn, this could either be our regular bump size which could be turned into a chunky blanket or our mini cheese size which is perfect for a scarf, or slippers

We also have a range of other videos on you tube to show you how to cast on & off, also how to splice your knitting. We are here to help, so don't shy away from getting in touch with us if you need some guidance. 

You can purchase our ready made Harlequin Blanket HERE or our Frost Scarf HERE (both shown above)


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Slow Sunday Knitting playlist

By Tiff //

Listen to our slow Sunday knitting playlist curated by Tiff, our in-house music afficionado. 

Grab your needles, then choose your yarn. Will it be 1 ply or 2ply today? Decide on what you're going to make, perhaps it's a wall hanging? or a bowl for a friends birthday coming up? Or better yet, a plush blanket for the end of your bed (drool)

giant chunky 1 ply woolen yarn made in nz to make a wall hanging, blanket or bowl using xxl knitting needles

giant chunky 1 ply woolen yarn made in nz to make a or bowl, blanket or wall hanging using xxl knitting needles

giant chunky 1 ply woolen yarn made in nz to make a blanket, wall hanging or bowl using xxl knitting needles

Pop the kettle on, or pour yourself a glass of wine. Find your headphones, open a packet of your favourite choco biscuits, sit yourself in a comfy/sunny spot and get lost in your knitting for the rest of your afternoon listening to these smooth & groovy sounds perfect for a slow/soulful sunday, or really just any day as a matter of fact!


* Recommendation have steady knitting breaks so you can groove along to these soulful numbers.* For further inspiration go on @close_knit instagram to watch her dancing videos, simply the best! 



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Interview with the amazing Pony Mctate

By Tiff //

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