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Plump & Co // Plumptious


Here at Plump & Co, we love our yarn - it has been such a rewarding experience to work with New Zealand artisans to create the yarn to our own standards, and we love working with our yarns to create our ready-made pieces and the recipes for our wools + tools kits. So we couldn’t be more excited to share with you plump & co’s range of XL knitting yarn, so you can enjoy the process of XL knitting in the comfort of your own home - not just the results!

Plump & Co yarn has been designed to incorporate key elements for the most enjoyable experience and product. It is really important for us to educate people on our yarn and when looking to buy XL knitting yarn. If a yarn is left as un-felted wool this is not a sustainable yarn to use, it will moult and pill and disintegrate and over time will be hard for you to clean and maintain. Our yarn is soft and comfortable against the skin and is low-maintenance with a low pilling quotient. Shown in the image below is the wool in its raw form and this is NOT a yarn and we do NOT sell un felted yarns. ALL our yarns are beautifully felted knitting yarn specifically designed for textile use. Its creation was a labour of love, and this is reflected in the quality of each bump sold - and in every piece completed. 

Each bump is approximately 1 kg  |  1ply  bumps are approximately 40m in length | 2ply  bumps are approximately 55m in length.

 Plump & Co // Plumptious


Our yarn is made to last, but they do need your help to remain in their best shape. Handle and store with care, and try not to bring it into contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects, just to avoid any pulls or damage. Our yarn has been specially designed to have a low pilling quotient, however it’s difficult to avoid forever - pilling may also occur simply as the natural result of friction. Never fear, a careful snip with some scissors will restore your creations to its original glory. 

*Pilling does not constitute a defect


As with any labour of love, a recipe for preparation is key to the best result. As such, prior to knitting we recommend finding a cosy chair and begin knitting with regular breaks! 

Don't forget to look after yourself ! Working with such heavy materials can be challenging at first, but remember, this isn’t a chore! Take breaks when your body tells you to, stretch and walk about, watch the weight of the piece and don’t strain yourself - your project is a labour of love, which can’t help but show in the end result. 

Remember it’s not your normal knitting ! XL knitting pushes the boundaries of the traditional craft, and as such we want you to really ‘own’ your project. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t give up, and make what YOU WANT to make, how YOU WANT to make it. Loosen up !  Once you’ve thrown out the rule book, remember to relax! Knitting with too tight a tension won’t knot the yarn - but it might put a few knots in your shoulders. Knit with a regular tension, find your rhythm, and watch your creation grow.

plump and co yarn is created with stability, durability and simplicity in mind, but we do want to make sure you’re ready for any ‘bumps’ in the road. So please make sure you take a moment and check out our disclaimer before making your purchase.



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