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By Tiff //

plump and co slow down blog take time out by knitting xxl chunky new zealand made yarn

It's like everyone has ants in their pants, we can't stop moving. Its as if though the world's moving faster and faster every time the sun rises again. Now, I know scientifically that is far from true, but culturally? Even though there's a swelling desire to take a breather, stop, look around - all that jazz only seems to be for brief moments. Could it be that we were able to still remain driven, hardworking, innovative but still appreciate and consistently set time aside for yourself, your makings and your well being, without it becoming a chore, or something that's stopping you from getting where you want to be?

When we have a goal in mind we will do ANYTHING to get ourselves there, so in turn we can neglect some of what we truly value. We've all been there, and maybe for a time that's OK. If we live in that state I have a feeling it's not going to work out in the long run. 

Everyone wants to keep up right? Things get old very quickly, and we move onto the next thing. What if we were to change that perception? What if something only ever got old when it didn't work anymore, or it got too worn out. What if the word old actually meant old. I know, sounds absurd right? Actually calling something for what it is? Because our surroundings are moving faster it doesn't mean we have to. You're allowed to still like and wear that same woolen jumper you've had for 6 years now. Wear it till it literally falls apart! 

We get it, there's so much to do and so little time! Again if we were to change our perception and priorities we might find we will have more time to say, make that dining room table you said you were going to refurbish 3 years ago, or paint that moroccan sunset you saw on your trip last summer, and hey why not knit that blanket you said you'd make for your friends birthday in December the year before last. 

This is why we love knitting/crocheting. You can't rush through it, you can't just quickly whip something up in a few minutes. It's a process! We have adapted ourselves to a faster paced lifestyle using chunkier yarn to make your dream blanket in a day rather than a few months, because who doesn't love seeing results quickly. Though it's still the same process, you have to sit down, tune out and hone in on your creation. Maybe you listen to a podcast, music or just the birds outside. Either way it's a chance to have a breather and partake in a slow and fulfilling creative process. 

You might be into having baths to take a break, or climbing a mountain to gain perspective. Whatever makes you tick, it could be going out on a date with yourself to your local coffee shop (or not so local so you don't bump into anyone.) Baking also works a treat! Whatever it is find your way, get stuck into a book or pick up a paint brush, and just relax. Relaxing doesn't mean doing nothing, it's just a great way to reset, reflect, and enjoy yourself. 

Enjoy yourself, enjoy who you are, enjoy the person you're becoming. 

And always remember... plump and co slow down blog take time out by knitting xxl chunky new zealand made yarn


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