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Interview with The Knitter, Nicole Leybourne.

By Briar //

The knitter in xxl chunky yarn white with pink sleeves jumper
Nicole Leybourne is the incredible lass behind all the wonders of "The Knitter". She's taking the world by soft showers (because I couldn't imagine her being stormy as she's just so amazingly sweet) and I bet the world hasn't seen nothing yet. Her knits are made with 100% criollo bred wool and mohair; sourced from sheep and goats in the Peruvian Andes the East coast of South Africa. The moment you lock your eyes on one of her creations your mind starts buzzing over how much you wish you had one in your hot little hands. Something we love about The Knitter is how genuine and true to herself she is, she compels you to crave that within yourself. She's empathetic, passionate, outstandingly creative, and just an awe-inspiring woman who's helping make the world a better place. In a world where most of our news feeds a filled to the brim of superficial, controversial & negative content - Nicole is a breath of fresh air simply reminding us to stop, smell the flowers, sip your tea slower, and buy more lollies. Now I couldn't be happier about those reminders! 
Speaking of which, grab a tea and a slice (or 2) of date loaf (mmm) and enjoy our interview with the beautiful Nicole Leybourne, The Knitter. 
When did you start knitting?
I started knitting about two and a half years ago now. I bought myself a big yellow jumper and it was knitted. It was this jumper that inspired me to learn how to knit.
What was it about knitting that kept you with those needles in your hand?
Wanting to see what the final product looked like. Which was a disaster, the first time I made something.
Whats your biggest pet peeve miss judgement about knitting?
That it’s good for stress. Ha. I find it makes me more stressed. I understand that’s probably because it’s my job to knit. No, but really, I am very lucky to be knitting for my job.
When you aren’t making and creating where would we find you?
In the bath, outside in the trees, or eating midnight snacks in front of the fire with a cup of tea in my cat cup.
What/where do you turn to for inspiration?
I just need to step inside the room that holds all my colourful wool. Just seeing the colours and feeling the fibres is what inspires me to get out my needles and make.
The Knitter in New York at Vogue showing them her xxl chunky knitted jumpers
You recently visited Vogue and Harpers Bazaar in New York, firstly WOW and secondly tell us what was something about that trip that you’ll remember forever?
I remember my sister and I running around on the streets of Manhattan, trying to find the correct door to enter. We had two suitcases full of knits with us and we both felt so out of place. I remember sweating like anything and then trying to look really composed and put together when I felt anything but inside. But it was the moment I looked up from packing my knits into my suitcase after my meeting, and seeing Anna Wintour step into the elevator, while seeing Grace Coddington step out, that I just had to stop everything I was doing and take that moment in. It was truly unreal.
Aside from knitting what are 3 things you’re passionate about?
Eating sweet treats, love and happy animals.
Who are some other knitters who inspire you?
My nan :)
What’s your favourite creation you’ve made to date?
It’s a tie between my HAPPY HEART’S jumper and the BUBBLEGUM.
the knitters xxl chunky knitting white jumper with red heart
the knitters xxl chunky knitting hot pink jumper
What’s something your Instagram followers wouldn’t know about you?
That I’m actually really introverted and can be quite shy. For this reason, I only let two people take photos of me in my knits for my Instagram.
Are you a sweet or savoury kinda lass? (Asking the big questions I know)
Haha, hmmm. Sweet :)
Where do you see The Knitter being in 5 years?
Hopefully, still wheeling my knits around the world in suitcases to more exciting meetings.
Lastly do you have any advice for beginner knitters?
Persevere. It’s so worth it. Also, be patient with yourself. If I can knit, anyone can (so my lovely mother tells me).


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