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By Helen //


Here we are for another edition of Meet The Plumps, today we are interviewing our gal Tiff. To find out more of what she does here at Plump & co have a read below! 

xxl chunky knitting made n nz using giant knitting needles to make xxl merino blankets

Image by Bonnie Beattie


Where were you born?

Auckland, NZ.


3 favourite activities in your teens?

Performing, wishing I was Christina Aguilera & netball.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?

T.J ( stands for Tiffany Janine) Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, quite a long one though ha! Usually just shortened to Hairy Maclary - my dad used to call me this because I think the dairy was my second home growing up, lollies are everything. Jacinta Likes to throw around the name Tiffmiester every now and again. I was also that kid who was constantly trying to invent my own nicknames for other people to call me, those ones never seem to stick?!


What do you fill your time with aside from Plump & Co?

My community + family holds a pretty hefty place in my life. I am a songwriter & musician - music is my biggest pursuit & dream. I am the founder of arowm which is currently an earring label so I spend a lot of my time rolling clay into earrings for your pleasure. I am also part of a company called The Creators which is a local business helping cultivate creativity in Hamilton. A few hobbies on the burn too – pottery is really taking my fancy at the moment. Basically I fill any spare time I have with making something in one way or another.


What is it about making and creating that draws you in?

Rediscovering myself or something in the process. Creating is like a treasure hunt, except what you find is way more fulfilling than gold & tons more fun.


What’s your role at plump & co?

I am the designer and head up creative content – so I come up with new products, decide on colours for each season, dream up the story behind them all and plan our social media.


What do you love most about your Plump & Co days?

Being part of a buzzing and excited team, who are passionate about innovative material. I love the freedom in my creative expression.


Why did you want to work for Plump & Co?

I am inspired by local companies, specifically in Hamilton, stepping out against the grain to pursue what they love, inspire me. I caught light of that vision and wanted to be part of it!


1 ply or 2 ply?

The hardest question of them all. I used to be a 1 ply gal – now I’m all about the 2 ply.


3 things you’re passionate about?

My faith, whanau/community & creative expression through womanhood.


Why did you start arowm?

To be honest, there isn’t much of a why – because I fell into it pretty organically through just making earrings for myself and it grew from there. But if you asked me why did I continue to pursue it? It goes a little deeper. I have found it empower myself and others in ways I never would have imagined. They’ve helped me to feel confident & beautiful in who I am and have allowed me to express outwardly some of what I am passionate about without saying a word.  I used to wear predominantly black and they’ve shown me how powerful colour can be in brightening not only my day, but everyone elses.


What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

Starting my own company.


What would be the greatest accomplishment you hope to achieve in the future?

Record my first album by the time I am 30.


What slogan do you keep in your pocket that inspires you?

Never limit yourself, or others & always seek joy in everything you do.


3 creators who inspire you?

Solange Knowles, Bonnie Gray, Zilah Drahn ah too many to list just 3! I need to add Pansy to the list also.


What’s something your instagram followers might not know about you?

I'm 10x less serious than how I come across online.


Do you make your bed every morning?

No, I wish – I heard its good to let your sheets breathe though ha!


What’s 1 thing you wouldn't want to live without? 


Jassher, my husband <3

If you could perform with any musician, who would it be? Dead or alive?

Can I pick one from both categories? Dead – Michael Jackson. Alive – so hard, depending on how I am feeling, it would be Lianne La Havas or Miley Cyrus hahah.


Lastly sweet or savoury?

SWEEEET BABY, big time - signing out, Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy.


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