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MEET THE PLUMPS // TALIA // Workshop teacher, Knitter // Collects all the hobbies!

By Plump & Co //

Talk about multitasking! Not only is Talia a supermom to now 4 of the most adorable little ladies but she's also an incredible knitter and creative genius who collects ALL the hobbies! pictured below.
Plump & Co // Meet the Plumps - Talia
(photo by Bonnie Beattie)

What’s your role at Plump & Co

Workshop assistant plus all the knitting! Pattern Making everything! 


Where were you born?
Orange County, CA (But I claim I’m from Texas as that’s where I’ve lived the longest)


Favourite activities in your teens? 
Designing and coding websites! And going to local punk shows.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?
Yeeessss. Nicknames have always been a HUGE part of my life from when I was a kid into my young adulthood. As a kid my family had a million nicknames for me that are too numerous to count here. The main ones were Boonie, Boonie-Tunes, Tal (by my siblings), and Boonie-Love-Ham-Cheese-Face (an endearing term, I assure you.)

As a young teen and into my young adulthood all my friends called me Bennie. (or Ben, Benjamin) I cannot remember why this nickname came about or why it stuck around for so long, but for years many of my friends didn't know that my real name was Talia.


You have 4 beautiful girls, what are their names & how old are they?
I do indeed! They are Audrey (6), Margaret (4), Harriet (2), and Edna (5 weeks)

They too have a million nicknames each.


You’re a collector of hobbies, what falls into your list of MANY talents?
Shivers, I’m hesitant to say talent for many of these! But these are the things that I frequently enjoy dabbling in: Knitting, spinning wool, dying wool, sewing, pattern drafting, painting watercolor, web design (semi retired) and development, calligraphy, leather work, clay sculpting, drawing, and chaser of children.

 …I’m probably forgetting some hobbies.

What inspired you to you start knitting, and how old were you when you first picked up those needles?
I was 14 when I first picked up knitting needles. We went on a road trip across the country and I was determined to keep busy and learn a new skill. I only had a book, a set of wrong sized needles, and squeaky acrylic wool but I was DETERMINED. I taught myself (PAINFULLY) and dearly wished I had someone to teach me and walk me through it.


Who are some other knitters or creatives that inspire your makings?
I think I’m most often inspired by artists. I’m addicted to watching videos on Instagram of artists painting or drawing and doing their thing.

I fangirl over Ruth Speer pretty hard. Seeing her paint makes me want to get out there and create something. Anything! She’s a big source of inspiration for me. 

My favorite crochet artist is Lydia Morrow. Her color and attitude towards creating and exploring is downright contagious.

And it’s not exactly an artist but I find Fibre Share extremely inspiring. It’s an international fibre/yarn swap and seeing all the posts of things sent to other knitters and creatives around the world makes me want to jump in and make make make! 


What is your favourite piece of work that you’ve ever made?
That is a HARD one!  I’m almost never 100% satisfied with something I’ve made and am always striving to go bigger, better, harder, more complicated. I often enjoy the process more than the outcome. But here are two things I look back on and am still proud of.

First is a portrait of my husband that I drew.

Phillip - By Talia from Plump & Co

Second is a lace shawl that I spun from hand dyed wool.

Talia from Plump & Co lace knitting

When you’re not making a masterpiece, where would we find you?
At home in my pajamas homeschooling my tribe!


If you had all the chunky yarn in the world at your dispense what wild creation would you make?
A giant wall hanging the likes of which has never been seen!


1 ply or 2 ply?


What’s something most of our followers on instagram wouldn’t know about you? 
I like to play computer games. League of Legends BOOYAH. Top lane. Garen. He’s a freaking tank even though he gets kited easily. “FOR DEMACIA!!!!”


If there was one world issue you wished to solve instantly, what would it be?
No more evil in this world, please and thank you.


What slogan do you keep in your back pocket to inspire you?
“Fear thou not” all day every day. This comes with a very long explanation that’s best saved for another time.


Aside from creating what are 3 things you’re passionate about?
Wait, there are other things?

Alternative answer:
1) My beauty babies
2) Food
3) …. Creating things?


What’s 1 thing you can’t live without?


What was it about knitting that kept you with those needles in your hand?
Honestly, it was the challenge. I ROYALLY SUCKED at knitting for the entire first year I tried it. I refused to be beaten by a couple of dumb needles and a piece of string. Now I have a forever love for knitting. Knitting + me 4 eva.


What’s a piece of advice you’d give to any beginner knitter & what would you suggest their first creation to be?
My advice is two-fold and seemingly contradictory. Firstly, be patient with yourself. Go your own pace whether that be slowly or quickly, but be patient with yourself. Secondly, break rules just to break them. Drop stitches. Do a wrong stitch or two. Find out what happens when you do X. Do it just for the heck of it and you’ll learn a lot.


Lastly, sweet or savoury?
Can I have both? I’m hungry.



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