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By Tiff //


We love getting to know you all through the stories you share with us as workshops or online, so we thought we might let you into our little Plump & Co nest one by one so you can get to know the team a little better. Who better to start with than our amazing founder, innovator and creative genius AKA the Queen of Plump & Co herself - Jacinta Fox 

Where were you born?

Christchurch, New Zealand - but my spirit animal lives in Wellington.


3 favourite activities in your teens?

Natural History, knitting, band groupie.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?

Knitting Jay Jay, Fox.


Why did you start Plump & Co?

I studied Textile design, and figured life is too short to do something I hate and so I wanted to pursue something I loved, I’m passionate about textiles and exceptional quality so it only made sense.


Biggest hurdle with running your own start up?



What pushed you to keep at it?

To prove to someone that my arts degree wasn’t a waste of time. How lovely my customers are, and how much fun I have every day.


What do you find most rewarding about being the owner of Plump & Co?

The awesome team that I have around me.


What would be your dream project with your yarn? Costs aside.

The biggest scale knitting you’ve ever seen, like a whole office divided by yarn.


Biggest accomplishment so far?

Drinking tea and baking cookies with my long time inspiration Karen Walker.


What would be the greatest accomplishment you hope to achieve in the future? 

To expand more globally.


3 makers you’re inspired by?

@catchtheinspiration, @ihavethisthingwithfloors, @rit.ki.tattoo


What’s your favourite indoor plant?



3 fave ceramic artists?



What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

@zeusymouse (my dog) & family.


1 ply or 2 ply?

I cheat on them all the time, with each other.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Natural history & nature.


What do you love about the yarn community?

It’s collaborative and community focused.


Aside from yarn - what are 3 things you’re passionate about?

Animals, family, & gardening.


What’s something your instagram followers wouldn’t know about you?

I hate having my photo taken.


lastly, sweet or savoury?



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