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Why are we so afraid of colour?

By Plump & Co //

We play it pretty safe don't we? Sometimes it's nice to blend in a wee bit, but why are we so afraid of colour?

It turns out, there are more shades than black, white and grey and it's been a pretty strong trend for a wee while now: bright and bold colours and shapes have been appearing a lot more often. I think it's fair to say the tables are turning and we here at Plump & Co are jumping for joy about it.

A lot of us have avoided bright and bold colours in our interiors because home is a place of rest and relaxation. Loud colours can be off-putting and unsettling for some - but surely there is a happy medium! If you're going for a simple interior structurally then why not pop splashes of colour through your decor, like ceramics, plants, blankets, pillows, artworks and maybe a bold couch or curtains. They're easy enough to change so you're not committing to an extremely loud red wall for the next 10 years - but hey that would look pretty amazing. 

Let's just have a wee look back at the amazing interiors of the past. I know for some of you these images may be horrid, but I think they're incredibly endearing and inspiring. Using more colour really does make people happier, in both fashion and at home, just like how a bright sunny day has that same effect. 


File:60s wallpaper.jpg

Wallpaper (Photo by Dominic Alves)


Image result for 1970s kitchen

Kitchen (Ethan)


Think what you like, but I vote: AMAZING. Styles ebb and flow, so let's hope that we're launching into a time of bouncing and exciting colours (fingers & toes crossed) 

On that note - We cannot wait to share with you our limited edition colours coming very soon. We think you're going to fancy them quite a bit.

We encourage you to try add a splash of colour to your wardrobe or home especially if you've been sitting on the fence about it for a while, go on just try it, I bet you'll love it. 


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