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Boys Boys Boys!

By Tiff //

When I say the word "knitting" what springs to mind? For most of you a picture of an elderly woman sitting back in a rocking chair knitting a pair of sweet booties for her great grandchild might appear. Yes I am being extremely stereotypical but my point is quite the opposite. Lets break down those assumptions and realise that times are changing people! 

Woman of all ages are now picking up those needles and realising, hey this is actually pretty awesome, fun and not to mention rather rewarding. But lets go a step further than that - there are men all over the globe who are passionate about knitting and it's about time we gave them 3 cheers for it - yeah I did say that because they do deserve 3 cheers, anyone does who decides to step out of the norm to challenge and inspire others to do the same, in fact everyone just deserves 3 cheers full stop. I know for some men it can be embarrassing talking about their passion for the likes of knitting/slow craft because of social pressures implying it's not manly enough. We here at plump and co are all about getting knitting out there to anyone who wants a bite of it. Slow craft needs to exist, it needs to be passed down the generations otherwise we won't learn how to do things ourselves, grandmothers and mothers start teaching your boys how to knit, don't just let the girls hog all the fun crafts. Knitting for one, and for all we say!

Now if that doesn't convince you enough how about a little bit of Russel Crowe working those needles to get you in the groove?

russel crowe knitting, men who knit plump and co chunky yarn made in nz using giant knitting needles

not enough yet?

Ryan Gosling professing his love for knitting, telling GQ Australia magazine that he learned the craft from “old ladies” when filming his 2007 film “Lars And The Real Girl.” He said that day was one of the most relaxing in his life.

 so it's official, boys who knit are the bomb

xxl chunky plump and co knitting made in nz using giant knitting needles to make xxl blankets wall hangings and bowls

My hubby - trying knitting for the first time ever at our Ponsonby Central Pop up Shop

@marsh_bull working his magic at one of our Workshops!

Hopefully one day soon it won't be such a novelty, and that this post will be completely irrelevant, fingers crossed!


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  • thank you for the three cheeRs. I had a great time at your recent canberra workshop and i am looking forwaRd to completing many more knitting projects.

    Niel Wark on

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