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5 Quick Christmas Presents You Can Make!

By Tiff //


  1. Scarf, come on it’s gotta be on the top of the list. Whether you’re heading into Winter or in the thick of it already you can never go wrong with an easy 5 row scarf! This bad boy can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes, and what’s better is that you can get 2 out of 1 of our 1 kilo bumps, so for $109 you can have both your mum and sisters presents done in less than an hour!
  2. Wall hanging made easy! You’ve seen those beautiful looms hanging around, but here we have a more simpler version by just tying up each individual piece of yarn or string around your piece of wood. You can either use chunky yarn or thinner yarn depending on the scale you’re after. Inspired by The Hook Nook

 wall hanging using merino yarn made in nz using chunky yarn by plump and co with xxl needles

photo found on pinterest

  1. Dry Ingredient cookie jars. Perfect stocking filler for the sweet tooth’s in your family! Or if you aren’t wanting to blow the budget but still get something nice for your friends too. All you got to do is pick your favourite cookie mixture, throw all the dry ingredients into a jar, write up the recipe for the wet ingredients, cooking/mixing details and voila!
  2. Yarn bowl! Perfect to hold your fruit or even jewellery depending on the size you’re after

chunky yarn bowl made with xxl yarn made in nz out of merino wool to using giant needleschunky yarn bowl made with xxl yarn made in nz out of merino wool to using giant needles

  1. Hand make a beautiful card, maybe use some pressed flowers and glue them to the front, then make a sweet voucher to go inside like a “One dinner date, on the house!” or “A 1 hour back rub” or especially for your parents “Cooked meal, by me” get creative with it, you know what the people you care about love, so make it specific to them. Something you know they will really appreciate and value. Of course you could always slip a cheeky Plump & Co Voucher in there too ;)

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By Helen //

Meet Plump & Co's Amie. She makes all kinds of lovely woollen goodies and patterns for us and we love her for it!

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By Helen //


Here we are for another edition of Meet The Plumps, today we are interviewing our gal Tiff. To find out more of what she does here at Plump & co have a read below! 

xxl chunky knitting made n nz using giant knitting needles to make xxl merino blankets

Image by Bonnie Beattie


Where were you born?

Auckland, NZ.


3 favourite activities in your teens?

Performing, wishing I was Christina Aguilera & netball.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?

T.J ( stands for Tiffany Janine) Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, quite a long one though ha! Usually just shortened to Hairy Maclary - my dad used to call me this because I think the dairy was my second home growing up, lollies are everything. Jacinta Likes to throw around the name Tiffmiester every now and again. I was also that kid who was constantly trying to invent my own nicknames for other people to call me, those ones never seem to stick?!


What do you fill your time with aside from Plump & Co?

My community + family holds a pretty hefty place in my life. I am a songwriter & musician - music is my biggest pursuit & dream. I am the founder of arowm which is currently an earring label so I spend a lot of my time rolling clay into earrings for your pleasure. I am also part of a company called The Creators which is a local business helping cultivate creativity in Hamilton. A few hobbies on the burn too – pottery is really taking my fancy at the moment. Basically I fill any spare time I have with making something in one way or another.


What is it about making and creating that draws you in?

Rediscovering myself or something in the process. Creating is like a treasure hunt, except what you find is way more fulfilling than gold & tons more fun.


What’s your role at plump & co?

I am the designer and head up creative content – so I come up with new products, decide on colours for each season, dream up the story behind them all and plan our social media.


What do you love most about your Plump & Co days?

Being part of a buzzing and excited team, who are passionate about innovative material. I love the freedom in my creative expression.


Why did you want to work for Plump & Co?

I am inspired by local companies, specifically in Hamilton, stepping out against the grain to pursue what they love, inspire me. I caught light of that vision and wanted to be part of it!


1 ply or 2 ply?

The hardest question of them all. I used to be a 1 ply gal – now I’m all about the 2 ply.


3 things you’re passionate about?

My faith, whanau/community & creative expression through womanhood.


Why did you start arowm?

To be honest, there isn’t much of a why – because I fell into it pretty organically through just making earrings for myself and it grew from there. But if you asked me why did I continue to pursue it? It goes a little deeper. I have found it empower myself and others in ways I never would have imagined. They’ve helped me to feel confident & beautiful in who I am and have allowed me to express outwardly some of what I am passionate about without saying a word.  I used to wear predominantly black and they’ve shown me how powerful colour can be in brightening not only my day, but everyone elses.


What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

Starting my own company.


What would be the greatest accomplishment you hope to achieve in the future?

Record my first album by the time I am 30.


What slogan do you keep in your pocket that inspires you?

Never limit yourself, or others & always seek joy in everything you do.


3 creators who inspire you?

Solange Knowles, Bonnie Gray, Zilah Drahn ah too many to list just 3! I need to add Pansy to the list also.


What’s something your instagram followers might not know about you?

I'm 10x less serious than how I come across online.


Do you make your bed every morning?

No, I wish – I heard its good to let your sheets breathe though ha!


What’s 1 thing you wouldn't want to live without? 


Jassher, my husband <3

If you could perform with any musician, who would it be? Dead or alive?

Can I pick one from both categories? Dead – Michael Jackson. Alive – so hard, depending on how I am feeling, it would be Lianne La Havas or Miley Cyrus hahah.


Lastly sweet or savoury?

SWEEEET BABY, big time - signing out, Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy.

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MEET THE PLUMPS // TALIA // Workshop teacher, Knitter // Collects all the hobbies!

By Plump & Co //

Talk about multitasking! Not only is Talia a supermom to now 4 of the most adorable little ladies but she's also an incredible knitter and creative genius who collects ALL the hobbies! pictured below.
Plump & Co // Meet the Plumps - Talia
(photo by Bonnie Beattie)

What’s your role at Plump & Co

Workshop assistant plus all the knitting! Pattern Making everything! 


Where were you born?
Orange County, CA (But I claim I’m from Texas as that’s where I’ve lived the longest)


Favourite activities in your teens? 
Designing and coding websites! And going to local punk shows.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?
Yeeessss. Nicknames have always been a HUGE part of my life from when I was a kid into my young adulthood. As a kid my family had a million nicknames for me that are too numerous to count here. The main ones were Boonie, Boonie-Tunes, Tal (by my siblings), and Boonie-Love-Ham-Cheese-Face (an endearing term, I assure you.)

As a young teen and into my young adulthood all my friends called me Bennie. (or Ben, Benjamin) I cannot remember why this nickname came about or why it stuck around for so long, but for years many of my friends didn't know that my real name was Talia.


You have 4 beautiful girls, what are their names & how old are they?
I do indeed! They are Audrey (6), Margaret (4), Harriet (2), and Edna (5 weeks)

They too have a million nicknames each.


You’re a collector of hobbies, what falls into your list of MANY talents?
Shivers, I’m hesitant to say talent for many of these! But these are the things that I frequently enjoy dabbling in: Knitting, spinning wool, dying wool, sewing, pattern drafting, painting watercolor, web design (semi retired) and development, calligraphy, leather work, clay sculpting, drawing, and chaser of children.

 …I’m probably forgetting some hobbies.

What inspired you to you start knitting, and how old were you when you first picked up those needles?
I was 14 when I first picked up knitting needles. We went on a road trip across the country and I was determined to keep busy and learn a new skill. I only had a book, a set of wrong sized needles, and squeaky acrylic wool but I was DETERMINED. I taught myself (PAINFULLY) and dearly wished I had someone to teach me and walk me through it.


Who are some other knitters or creatives that inspire your makings?
I think I’m most often inspired by artists. I’m addicted to watching videos on Instagram of artists painting or drawing and doing their thing.

I fangirl over Ruth Speer pretty hard. Seeing her paint makes me want to get out there and create something. Anything! She’s a big source of inspiration for me. 

My favorite crochet artist is Lydia Morrow. Her color and attitude towards creating and exploring is downright contagious.

And it’s not exactly an artist but I find Fibre Share extremely inspiring. It’s an international fibre/yarn swap and seeing all the posts of things sent to other knitters and creatives around the world makes me want to jump in and make make make! 


What is your favourite piece of work that you’ve ever made?
That is a HARD one!  I’m almost never 100% satisfied with something I’ve made and am always striving to go bigger, better, harder, more complicated. I often enjoy the process more than the outcome. But here are two things I look back on and am still proud of.

First is a portrait of my husband that I drew.

Phillip - By Talia from Plump & Co

Second is a lace shawl that I spun from hand dyed wool.

Talia from Plump & Co lace knitting

When you’re not making a masterpiece, where would we find you?
At home in my pajamas homeschooling my tribe!


If you had all the chunky yarn in the world at your dispense what wild creation would you make?
A giant wall hanging the likes of which has never been seen!


1 ply or 2 ply?


What’s something most of our followers on instagram wouldn’t know about you? 
I like to play computer games. League of Legends BOOYAH. Top lane. Garen. He’s a freaking tank even though he gets kited easily. “FOR DEMACIA!!!!”


If there was one world issue you wished to solve instantly, what would it be?
No more evil in this world, please and thank you.


What slogan do you keep in your back pocket to inspire you?
“Fear thou not” all day every day. This comes with a very long explanation that’s best saved for another time.


Aside from creating what are 3 things you’re passionate about?
Wait, there are other things?

Alternative answer:
1) My beauty babies
2) Food
3) …. Creating things?


What’s 1 thing you can’t live without?


What was it about knitting that kept you with those needles in your hand?
Honestly, it was the challenge. I ROYALLY SUCKED at knitting for the entire first year I tried it. I refused to be beaten by a couple of dumb needles and a piece of string. Now I have a forever love for knitting. Knitting + me 4 eva.


What’s a piece of advice you’d give to any beginner knitter & what would you suggest their first creation to be?
My advice is two-fold and seemingly contradictory. Firstly, be patient with yourself. Go your own pace whether that be slowly or quickly, but be patient with yourself. Secondly, break rules just to break them. Drop stitches. Do a wrong stitch or two. Find out what happens when you do X. Do it just for the heck of it and you’ll learn a lot.


Lastly, sweet or savoury?
Can I have both? I’m hungry.


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By Tiff //

Meet Briar, she's a little ray of sunshine here at Plump & Co. When she's not talking smack in the office you'll probably find her monitoring newts or finding a new species of weta out in the wild. She also runs her own kids club and helps Jacinta with our amazing workshops roaming around the world, pictured below.
plump and co xxl chunky knitting using giant needles to make chunky blanket at knitting and crochet workshops

What’s your role at Plump & Co

Workshop assistant plus anything and everything that needs to be done. Research, writing web content, SEO.

Did you have any nicknames growing up? 

My dad used to call me Putsy. These days I mostly answer to Newt, Slug and Bryaphyte (bryophytes are small, non-vascular plants, such as mosses, liverworts and hornworts.... so nerdy, I know). 

List your professions?

All the jobs I've had? Researcher, research technician, tutor/learning assistant/educator, caregiver, production assistant, artist, web content writer, administrator, driver, coordinator, labourer, taxonomist/zoologist/evolutionary biologist/scientist. Whatever you want to call me.

Do you identify more with a creative entity or a scientific entity, or both?

Both. Maths, art and graphics were my best subjects as a kid. I'm a very visual person and that's why I love looking through a microscope all day at insects. Science and art are very similar in that they both require lots of creative thinking.  

What is it about insects that you’re so intrigued by?

I've always been intrigued by the fact that there is so much life going on around us that we don't even notice. We are oblivious to most minibeasts, and they seem to be fairly oblivious to us and are just busy getting on with their insect business. 

How do you find a balance between your all of your passions? 

I turn them into jobs.

What drives you to do what you do?

Adventure. I just love learning, exploring the world, meeting people and getting involved in random projects. You never know where things will lead. Just like that movie 'Yes Man'. 

Biggest accomplishment so far?

I won an award for the best student conference presentation a few years back. You'd never guess it, but at school I was ridiculously shy. I couldn't even stand up in front of the class to do 'show and tell', so delivering a really great presentation in front of loads of people made me feel really proud of how far I'd come. I felt like I'd just won an Oscar.

What would be the greatest accomplishment you hope to achieve in the future?

Dunno. I don't think too far ahead. I'd like to pay off the mortgage one day. Haha. 

What do you love about working for Plump & Co?

Teaching knitting at the workshops. I love meeting all our customers, hearing their stories and seeing how proud they are once they've knitted a blanket.  

1 ply or 2 ply? 

It really depends. I love how snuggly 2 ply blankets are. But if it's for my dogs, I go with 1 ply because it makes amazingly durable pet mats. 

Favourite part of your Plump & Co day?

Lunch. Food always wins. Sorry. 

What slogan do you carry around in your back pocket that inspires you?

"The size of your problems is nothing compared with your ability to solve them. Don't overestimate your problems and underestimate yourself." - someone 

Why is the environment so important to you?

I initially cared because I think that nature is innately amazing. But then from studying and working in science I now know how interconnected we are with our environment. We can thank nature for everything that we are and all that we have.

If there was one issue you wished to solve instantly what would it be?

Climate change.  

Favourite scientific tool?

Spreadsheets. I love data. 

What’s something we might not know about you?

Hmm. I think I'm pretty much an open book. 

Lastly - sweet or savoury?

Alllllllll the food! 

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By Tiff //


We love getting to know you all through the stories you share with us as workshops or online, so we thought we might let you into our little Plump & Co nest one by one so you can get to know the team a little better. Who better to start with than our amazing founder, innovator and creative genius AKA the Queen of Plump & Co herself - Jacinta Fox 

Where were you born?

Christchurch, New Zealand - but my spirit animal lives in Wellington.


3 favourite activities in your teens?

Natural History, knitting, band groupie.


Did you have any nicknames growing up?

Knitting Jay Jay, Fox.


Why did you start Plump & Co?

I studied Textile design, and figured life is too short to do something I hate and so I wanted to pursue something I loved, I’m passionate about textiles and exceptional quality so it only made sense.


Biggest hurdle with running your own start up?



What pushed you to keep at it?

To prove to someone that my arts degree wasn’t a waste of time. How lovely my customers are, and how much fun I have every day.


What do you find most rewarding about being the owner of Plump & Co?

The awesome team that I have around me.


What would be your dream project with your yarn? Costs aside.

The biggest scale knitting you’ve ever seen, like a whole office divided by yarn.


Biggest accomplishment so far?

Drinking tea and baking cookies with my long time inspiration Karen Walker.


What would be the greatest accomplishment you hope to achieve in the future? 

To expand more globally.


3 makers you’re inspired by?

@catchtheinspiration, @ihavethisthingwithfloors, @rit.ki.tattoo


What’s your favourite indoor plant?



3 fave ceramic artists?



What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

@zeusymouse (my dog) & family.


1 ply or 2 ply?

I cheat on them all the time, with each other.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Natural history & nature.


What do you love about the yarn community?

It’s collaborative and community focused.


Aside from yarn - what are 3 things you’re passionate about?

Animals, family, & gardening.


What’s something your instagram followers wouldn’t know about you?

I hate having my photo taken.


lastly, sweet or savoury?


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Why are we so afraid of colour?

By Plump & Co //

We play it pretty safe don't we? Sometimes it's nice to blend in a wee bit, but why are we so afraid of colour?

It turns out, there are more shades than black, white and grey and it's been a pretty strong trend for a wee while now: bright and bold colours and shapes have been appearing a lot more often. I think it's fair to say the tables are turning and we here at Plump & Co are jumping for joy about it.

A lot of us have avoided bright and bold colours in our interiors because home is a place of rest and relaxation. Loud colours can be off-putting and unsettling for some - but surely there is a happy medium! If you're going for a simple interior structurally then why not pop splashes of colour through your decor, like ceramics, plants, blankets, pillows, artworks and maybe a bold couch or curtains. They're easy enough to change so you're not committing to an extremely loud red wall for the next 10 years - but hey that would look pretty amazing. 

Let's just have a wee look back at the amazing interiors of the past. I know for some of you these images may be horrid, but I think they're incredibly endearing and inspiring. Using more colour really does make people happier, in both fashion and at home, just like how a bright sunny day has that same effect. 


File:60s wallpaper.jpg

Wallpaper (Photo by Dominic Alves)


Image result for 1970s kitchen

Kitchen (Ethan)


Think what you like, but I vote: AMAZING. Styles ebb and flow, so let's hope that we're launching into a time of bouncing and exciting colours (fingers & toes crossed) 

On that note - We cannot wait to share with you our limited edition colours coming very soon. We think you're going to fancy them quite a bit.

We encourage you to try add a splash of colour to your wardrobe or home especially if you've been sitting on the fence about it for a while, go on just try it, I bet you'll love it. 

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Boys Boys Boys!

By Tiff //

When I say the word "knitting" what springs to mind? For most of you a picture of an elderly woman sitting back in a rocking chair knitting a pair of sweet booties for her great grandchild might appear. Yes I am being extremely stereotypical but my point is quite the opposite. Lets break down those assumptions and realise that times are changing people! 

Woman of all ages are now picking up those needles and realising, hey this is actually pretty awesome, fun and not to mention rather rewarding. But lets go a step further than that - there are men all over the globe who are passionate about knitting and it's about time we gave them 3 cheers for it - yeah I did say that because they do deserve 3 cheers, anyone does who decides to step out of the norm to challenge and inspire others to do the same, in fact everyone just deserves 3 cheers full stop. I know for some men it can be embarrassing talking about their passion for the likes of knitting/slow craft because of social pressures implying it's not manly enough. We here at plump and co are all about getting knitting out there to anyone who wants a bite of it. Slow craft needs to exist, it needs to be passed down the generations otherwise we won't learn how to do things ourselves, grandmothers and mothers start teaching your boys how to knit, don't just let the girls hog all the fun crafts. Knitting for one, and for all we say!

Now if that doesn't convince you enough how about a little bit of Russel Crowe working those needles to get you in the groove?

russel crowe knitting, men who knit plump and co chunky yarn made in nz using giant knitting needles

not enough yet?

Ryan Gosling professing his love for knitting, telling GQ Australia magazine that he learned the craft from “old ladies” when filming his 2007 film “Lars And The Real Girl.” He said that day was one of the most relaxing in his life.

 so it's official, boys who knit are the bomb

xxl chunky plump and co knitting made in nz using giant knitting needles to make xxl blankets wall hangings and bowls

My hubby - trying knitting for the first time ever at our Ponsonby Central Pop up Shop

@marsh_bull working his magic at one of our Workshops!

Hopefully one day soon it won't be such a novelty, and that this post will be completely irrelevant, fingers crossed!


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