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“I’m just not that good at knitting”

By Tiff //

Alright, no mucking around here, all I have to say to that is BOLLOCKS. Let’s get rid of that myth right from the get go. Here’s why – often this phrase comes out of an experience that maybe didn’t come so naturally to you, or it took you too long to knit your first row. Who decided that doesn’t make you good at knitting? The wonderful thing about this art is that it’s not about speed, or even technique. It’s about expression, slowing down, and just purely creating. No matter what it turns out like.

Past the awkward point (that everyone has) of casting on, if you persevere, you might discover that you’re the next big thing that’s happened to knitting! It’s all about relaxing and allowing yourself to have a few hiccups, not giving up and just enjoying yourself, then all of a sudden you might find yourself knitting with your eyes closed.

In our workshops the phrase “I’ve messed up” is thrown around at least a couple of times, and I think you can guess what I’m about to say… again a myth I’m about to debunk.  If you drop a stitch, or add an extra on or even somehow get yourself in a tangle, it all adds to the uniqueness of your piece. If every creation looked the same, it wouldn’t be much fun would it? You find out what your natural flair and taste is pretty quickly, then from there it all flows naturally.

Here at Plump & Co we are firm believers in the fact that anyone can knit, and the only one who will stop you from doing so is yourself.  Indeed it appears to come more naturally to some, but with a little extra time, and effort you could have that chunky plumptious jumper you’ve been dreaming of. The more rogue, the better we say! Anything hand made isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it so beautiful and special. So what are you waiting for? I think we can all agree this myth is officially busted, so grab your needles and get knitting!

If you’re needing a little help getting started, here is a video to help you cast on, then pop back over when you’re about to finish to learn how to cast off.

plump and co xxl chunky knitting using giant needles to make charcoal blanket


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