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Just so you know the facts before buying our yarn…
One// XL knitting is a challenge. Mistakes are part and parcel of the journey. If you do have any questions, we’re happy to do all we can to set you right - but unfortunately we can’t offer replacements or refunds on the basis of owner-error or accident. 
Two// pilling does not constitute a defect. plump & co yarn has been created with a low pilling quotient, however some pilling is unavoidable - but easily fixed! With a pair of scissors carefully remove any pilling, and your piece will return to it’s original state. Pilling is a solely aesthetic issue - the wool and your piece are not compromised. 
Three // Embrace difference. We’ve spent a few years creating and perfecting our process, but we don’t expect everyone to follow our pattern - feel free to make your own! Knitting is a personal craft - your rhythm will emerge, and bring with it it’s own individual results.
 Four // Our yarn is held to strict quality standards, but as with any natural product, irregularities may occur. With any ‘bump’, I’ve had to learn to work with it - if I discover a small piece of wheat or vegetation in the our product, just pluck it out or cut out the affected piece, rejoin the yarn and carry on.
 Five // plump & co current yarn range would be best suited for textile homeware products not apparel as our yarn more suited to apparel is coming soon.