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To cast on our giant yarn you will only need a single giant knitting needle. 

Stitch 1 // Tie a knot tightly onto the needle. We do the first one nice and tight so that the first stitch isn't loose. Ta-da! Your first stitch is made.The leftover yarn-tail can be stitched or woven in later, or used to make tassels.

Stitch 2 // Slide the first stitch off the needle. Fold the yarn in half and pop it through the first stitch. Slide the first stitch back onto the needle followed by the second loop. Second stitch complete! Make sure that you keep that second stitch nice and lose so that there is enough room between the stitches for at least two fingers (see pic).

Stitch 3 + // Fold the yarn in half and thread it through the gap by your finger, then slide the loop onto the end. Continue like this until you have the desired number of stitches on your needle.