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Whilst we encourage you to make your plump & co blanket a fixture on those cosy nights in, please do be aware that our blankets do best with infrequent dry-cleaning. A gentle hand wash in cold water is possible, but it’s recommended to wear your wet-weather gear if attempting this with one of your larger creations! Once that’s taken care of, lay it out flat in a shady spot (so the wool doesn’t warp or fade) and relax!

Our blankets are made to last, but they do need your help to remain in their best shape. Handle and store with care, and try not to bring it into contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects, just to avoid any pulls or damage. Either way we have knitted your blanket with our felted yarn and it has been designed to have a low pilling quotient, however it’s tough to avoid forever - pilling may also occur simply as the natural result of friction. Never fear, a careful snip with some scissors will restore your creations to its original glory. 

*Pilling does not constitute a defect